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Questions - Will Lloyd - 25-06-2019

I may have mentioned that the FIA have some new qualifications for fire detection and alarm 

and as part of a continuing process of improvement and help to those enrolling on these new qualifications we are introducing some sample questions for everyone to take online 

so even if you have done the foundation why not have ago at the questions

and if you haven't done foundation have a go and see what you know already

RE: Questions - Beagle - 25-06-2019

2 wrong. One of which a bit silly. If I’d looked at my copy of bs I should have been okay tho! Wanted to go in dry :)

RE: Questions - Will Lloyd - 25-06-2019

there are a couple of questions that you need to read to understand whats being asked but that's what the real exam is like

RE: Questions - Tilly - 25-06-2019

Ive got my 18th edition wiring regs update exam tomorrow, I'll wait until after that...

RE: Questions - Bill-J - 26-06-2019

I am happy to say that I just got 6/6 although having had a good nights sleep, my morning coffee and having done the FIA Access to foundation, the FIA foundation and the FIA Designer modules, I would have been disappointed at anything less.

There is a lot to learn, but the foundation course does allow you to prove competence, and then follow it up with the module that meets your own personal key task.

As Will said, you really need to read the question, and fully understand what they are asking, not jump ahead and assume...........something I still struggle at!


RE: Questions - sparky999 - 26-06-2019

Not bad 5 out of 6 for me

RE: Questions - Will Lloyd - 05-07-2019

Well after the response we got from the foundation questions we felt that maintenance should be next

so have a go

and remember that you need to read the questions carefully we have written them in the style of the exam questions and these are at Level 3 so harder than foundation

good luck

RE: Questions - zenengineering - 05-07-2019

4/6 for me

RE: Questions - luggsey - 05-07-2019

I got 3/3 in both, haven't done any courses for a looong time but soon to do them all again.....

RE: Questions - Will Lloyd - 05-07-2019

(05-07-2019, 10:14 PM)luggsey Wrote: I got 3/3 in both, haven't done any courses for a looong time but soon to do them all again.....

Well if you don’t mind me saying this and I mean no offence so I apologise if you don’t take this in the spirit that is is meant

Your score shows that just because you have been doing the job along time and have a lot of knowledge
Does not mean that you walk through these qualifications you need to put effort in and work at it
Which is why we have done these questions and there are prelearning videos for each course
So if you are going to enroll on these qualifications give yourself the best chance by doing all the prelearning videos