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Sheltered Housing mixed system
(13-04-2017, 06:40 AM)martinh1234 Wrote: If there is a 'stay put' policy, then the MCP is to evacuate the building, but not the flats.
Thats I would have thought but the client has confirmed he wants all the site to evacuate by the MCP adjacent to the Fire Panel.
Im just going to put on loads of variations to cover myself.
Any views expressed are that of my own not my company!Exclamation
We did a rewire of a big converted church a while back and instead of fitting separate part 6 mains detectors in the bedsits we fitted the ctec hush units and series 65 smokes.
We haven't been back for any faults or problems.
This setup may well have saved the life of one of our disabled residents who accidentally set fire to himself and burned to death before the smoke got past his flat door seals and set off the part 1 system in the corridor, alerting other residents and brigade via dialer. The ctec hush button installation also gives smoke detection in empty flats. A win win.
I would highly recommend this method.
Bugger, I did isolate the dialer...didn't I?

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