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Any CEL Voyager guru's in the house?
And yes, some bits can take 5-10 minutes, I used to download/upload all the sections for the first time individually.

advanced warning and communicated systems

any comments or views posted are mine and I'm keeping them.
Many hours I've spent uploading from these things

It's always a slow exercise. Especially with networked systems with 10 panel to upload
Mother chip in the panel needs to be 9xxxx for fusion and network designer for any below that figure. The easy way is if it shows mode in the menus it's fusion. There is a problem with new p c using fusion don't think it works with windows 7 or above. There is a patch but it don't work. Now the strange hing the network designer works with windows 7. Check the chip number and let me know and I will tell you what software it needs . The reason the panel shows 0 as it's not on a network
General rule is 8x for network design and 9x fusion

Have never really liked fusion
I know its a version 8 as I have to record the software version as part of my report.
I have successfully installed the Network Designer version on my XP Laptop. What i do find odd is the Software seems more basic with V9. You would think it would be more 'windows' orientated having a later revision number.

I have also noted that you have to create a panel as new. Then reference the 5 digit number folder you created to be able to extract the data from the panel.

Many Thanks for your input guys!

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