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BS5839 2017
Hello all,

 As you know the BS5839 2017 will be out soon.  I have had loads of enquiries re the dates on certificates.

BFSA spokesman has informed me that you do not have to have the date as they are aware of how quickly things can change and it is taken for granted that the certificate means the current date.  However the date, ie year, must be entered on a clause.

We have looked into this to try and solve the issue if you need printing before the release date and we can print 2013/2017 (please delete appropriately or such wording).

If you require any printing there is a 10% discount for May.

Hope this helps

Printing for Fire, Intruder, CCTV & Electrical
FIRE forms and certificates, Logbooks, Bellbox labels, CCTV housing and DPA notices customized etc
Dry and Wet Riser Certificates etc. Extinguisher Certificates and service labels.

[email protected]

0151 606 0070
07581 483 679

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