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Lantern lights
I am looking at a small installation to L3 which is effectively one medium size open area with just an entrance lobby and toilet area. The open space area would normally be covered with 3 smoke detectors were it not for the fact that there are 13 lantern lights (approx 800 mm2 ) all over 800 mm in depth. None are used for ventilation. What would you do?

Similarly, in a corridor 2m wide with multiple lantern lights over 800mm deep but this time with actuators for ventilation, 3 detectors would normally suffice were it for 4 lantern lights. Any guidance would be appreciated.
Not sure what you mean by lantern light. Do you mean a skylight type thing or a hanging light?
He is likely meaning these, but taller ones to create the 'over 800mm' issue:
Anthony Buck
Fire Safety Technical Lead @ BAFE SP205 accredited company
Extinguisher specialist
Ignore them?
Vesda along the corridor in normal size pipe and then T off with white capillary pipe into the apex if you really want to cover it.
Jeremy Brookes
SAS Limited
07956 181351

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