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Tidy boots
Do any of you have any recommendations for good boxes to store equipment in the boot? I'm fed up with the mess of my boot but I've been stung by boxes in the past that look alright in the shop but then fall apart after 6 months. The current boxes and a bit flexible but pretty sturdy, but they don't stack on each other (no lids) so they're not ideal.

I'd love a system that could turn into drawers that I could bung up against the back seats with my tools in front that also had drawers that you could pull out from the front, preferably with compartments big enough to hold a couple of 12ah, couple of 7ah & couple of 3.2ah in one box, and deep enough to store a full size maglock from front to back.
Why not get something made up in timber?
I bought two large flight cases in the local recycle shop, I store all my lightweight intercom in one and fire in the other. I just pull them out and open them to use. Best method I have ever has as I empty the van by pulling out both flight cases.
Power tools all in Dewalt stackable deep boxes.
Working for me!
Bugger, I did isolate the dialer...didn't I?
Have a look here

and try here
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Cheers folks
Old army surplus, they have plastic boxes which are sturdy

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