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Service Intervals
I have a customer that i am currently testing the emergency lighting on an annual basis. The lights are not being tested by the customer monthly. 

Should i be looking to test these six monthly if they are not carrying out the monthly test?

what are you going to do on a six monthly test?
i would guess that most people do not do the monthly test and this is a flick test only
if they don't test thats their responsibility if you say well you're not testing so i will do XYZ instead then it's now your responsibility
something goes wrong they say well Danno is doing XYZ so it must be ok you are now under the spot light
but if all you have said is they should carry out the monthly test every time you do the annual and it goes wrong then nothing gets done to you but they are in the spot light as they have been told and not done anything

the only thing you could do is to charge them to do a monthly test

Technical Manager FIA

All comments and views are mine own and may not reflect the views of FIA
As above, f... em, its not your fault.

You do your bit (yearly) and inform the customer they should be doing a monthly, they sign, job done.
Adi Bosworth
ADI Security Solutions
Fire and intruder detection
3 hour duration test once per year is all you are responsible for, on your paperwork, write that you have advised the customer they should be doing a monthly test, arse covered!!
30 years in the fire industry, BAFE accredited, every FIA & BFPSA course, and still learning, but sparky knows it all!
Cheers guys

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