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Parking London charge
Just doing a job of Oxford St , I’ve noticed that the parking has 50% surcharge for pre 2015 diesels is this correct.
I know they were going to look at surcharge on cc for older diesels but did not know about this
Conversely I pay about £1.60 for a full day’s parking and no congestion charge - but then I drive a PHEV ?
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Is parking discounted then? For central area
I pay bugger all, I have a HAUC card for Westminster borough and a NEWRSA dispensation for the city of London. The ONLY benefit we get for doing what we do. Congestion is 50% as it is a Euro 6 car.
At the moment, Westminster operate a policy for their on street parking bays. You pay for 10 minutes (about 80p) and you are allowed to stay for the full length of the bay (up to 4 hours).
SourceLondon also operates charging bays across london. You pay for the electricity used for a charge but this includes parking and is cheaper than normal parking bays, so I can park for less & get recharged for no extra cost.
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I cannot see an electric vehicle working for me!
(14-10-2017, 01:21 PM)unimatrix1066 Wrote: I cannot see an electric vehicle working for me!

I am not looking forward to mandatory use in the city

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