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sounders on gent vigilon network nodes...
whats everyones opinion on whether there should be sounders on gent vigilion fibre optic network nodes?

We have a networked site with 8 vigilon panels with their own sounders and 3 fibre optic network nodes. These network nodes have no sounders connected to them and seem to have been put in place as 'global information points' at some point in control rooms, near engineers workshops and at the main entry gatehouse. Is there any requirement for sounders on network nodes under bs5839? Obviously the areas themselves are covered by the local panel sounders so it may be the case that sounders on the fibre optic network nodes up to half a mile away are useless and may even cause panic where none is required as the fire is in a different area...

thanks for all opinions.
If I'm picking up what you're saying properly, aren't these essentially repeaters? Given that each area will have its own sounders fed from their own local panel, the only reason you'd want sounders connected to the repeaters is if there was a specific need to ensure the people in the area of the repeater were immediately alerted to a fire in the area protected by the vigilon network and the sound of the node itself wasn't likely to be enough indication.
You cannot put loops on network nodes, it’s not possible if it’s actually a network node and not just a panel with an MCP rolled up inside. You can use the auxiliary relays to trigger a conventional sounder but you cannot use a loop powered sounder.

If the network is less than 7 panels then you can use a lightly loaded (60 devices) panel with little issue. However if you have more than 7 panels then you will need a proper dedicated terminal node, as I mentioned you cannot use loops on these nodes.

It really depends on what the actual panel is you’re considering adding a sounder onto, if it’s a proper terminal node then you can’t unless it’s conventional, if it’s a lightly loaded panel then you should be fine.
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Here is an excerpt from the requirements provided by Gent.

Networking Rules, Requirements for a Node

The purpose of a network node is to manage the communications around a network especially where there are large numbers of panels or high levels of communications activity. It is not possible to state the exact number of panels or to define the limit of communications activity above which a node is required, and there are some other factors that need to be considered that may mean that the node could be considered unnecessary.

A standard Vigilon control panel is capable of managing the network node functionality and the panel with the lowest network address automatically takes on this role. If the node is managing loops as well as the network this has to be done by the same processor and at the same time as the management of loops and the detection of fires, which will always take priority.

On very small networks the node function will be easily managed by one of the control panels without compromising the performance. Similarly, for medium sized systems if a control panel has only a small number of devices it will be capable of combined node and panel functionality. On large and / or very busy networks, the node functionality will be compromised if the panel is also managing detection loops. Performance of the network will be slower and less reliable.

Routing of information to external systems (pagers and supervisors) should only be managed by a terminal node

To assist in ensuring the efficient design of systems we have defined the following rules that should be followed:

• Supervisor / Winmag should always be connected to a network through a node (single panel connections to Winmag do not need a node).
• Networks connected to pagers should be connected via a node
• Domain bridge / Secure domain bridging should always be connected via a node
• Networks of up to 3 panels a node will not be required
• Networks of up to 7 panels should not require a node. The panel with the lowest number address (which will be acting as a node), should be lightly loaded, with no more than 60devices.
• Networks of 8 panels and above will need a dedicated network node

Compact node (VIG-NET-NODE)
As of January 2008 you can now purchase a compact node. This is EN version only and can support up 2 - RS232 connections (supervisor, pager, remote printer etc). The order code is VIG-NET-NODE and is supplied with a copper network card.

Any comments or questions on the above are welcome. Please contact via Gent technical support or on
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thanks monkeh and harrysu. I was just wondering if there was any requirement, maybe not as like you say monkeh they are effectively information repeaters. thanks for the network excerpt harrysu that may be useful - where did you get that?
I got it from gent expert, it has everything Gent on, every manual for everything it’s incredibly useful
*Hits call point*... "we are on test aren't we?"... Whoops 
I don't work for an s.i. so I'm not allowed on the gentexpert forum. thanks anyway.

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