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Nice Jobs
(05-01-2018, 08:14 PM)bob1 Wrote:
(03-01-2018, 09:31 PM)ESP Wrote: Well we've been working on the Victoria Palace Theatre in London for best part of a year to get the new Sterling Hybrid part wired part wireless fire alarm system using Advanced network panels with Aspirating Detection within the Auditorium Roof Void installed together with a TOA Voice Alarm System using their latest VX3000 rack in time for the opening of Hamilton just before Christmas.  

Also installed a Vox-Ignis Disabled Refuge system.

The system is still being added to as they are still building part of the Theatre.

We've also been completing the Aldwych Theatre and Vaudeville Theatre at the same time with similar kit. 

Who else is working on any interesting projects worth mentioning ??

I am in the Victoria Palace Theatre Monday/Tuesday, not fire related but  Im doing a survey to get a temporary generator on to their high voltage supply in the event of a failure.

Sorry Bob I didn't see this in time ... let me know if you're going back and we'll meet up for a coffee ... !!
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Not done too many famous places for work, did the first FRA at the London Stock Exchange back around 2000, one of the most interesting places I've worked in was a small, secret basement in a former Mill in the East Midlands that was one of those rare beasts a Section 5 Firearms License holders workshop that took weapons primarily for deactivation and blank conversion for collectors, re-enactors and film/tv props. Being a s5 license holder they handled everything and they were stuffed floor to ceiling with everything from 16th Century matchlock muskets to dozens and dozens of various AK variant assault rifles, s smattering of MG3/MG42 GPMG's, RPG launchers and everything in between.
Sadly it didn't have it's range any more, but was interesting still, looked a bit like the Thai arms dealers underground armoury in the Gene Hackman film 'Uncommon Valor'!
It had the walls, floors and ceilings covered in a mesh intrusion detection system in addition to a host of other measures - unfortunately the whole lot had to come out in order to install a new fire alarm and to underdraw the wooden floor above with plasterboard to 60 mins FR and so the owner wasn't best pleased!
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Famous places? I've done a couple of footy stadiums. Bolton Wanderers, Blackpool, Old Trafford.
Many, many years ago (early eighties) I helped installing some repeater panels in the Post Office tower. I think Cowie were installing the alarms, we were subbed to make the repeater panels. Just big red boxes with a perspex front showing a picture of the tower with two red LED's per floor, and a bunch of terminal blocks in the back.

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(12-01-2018, 01:00 AM)Tilly Wrote:
(11-01-2018, 10:53 PM)hothead Wrote: yeah tilly and the derby ones and the submarine bits,
they make things for a certain type of sub engines  but its all hush hush
(12-01-2018, 10:40 PM)designguru Wrote: I have done a number of data centres over the years, have done a few for Google in Finland, Amsterdam and Begium, a couple for Facebook ireland

One really weird job was the grain store at tilbury docks which had a modified Kidde Vega Panel that was running 150 zone monitors, and of these zone monitors were separate zones for the silos, conveyer systems, copolla floors, basements and all the structures leading out the the docks where the ships would come in full of grain.

Some of these cables were over 500m long and had one device lol, it took 5 years to design and replace the whole system with a modified Kentec System that was running addressable devices in non Atex and Atex Rated every where else, had 14 panels with one panel runnig 4 devices

I also did one of these new funky Rapeseed Oil Power Stations in Beckton ( London which again was all wired in 2.5mm enhanced cable as radial zone circuits which went to a main junction box within that particular area (some of these JB's had 30 odd circuits) and then from here ran large multicore cable (special manufacture from Prysmian) to take these circuits back to a Safety Control Centre (using a bit of kit called a Siemens PCS 7 - which is a saftey control system used within power stations, they had no fire alarm panel and this bit of kit was basically the head end with an external touch screen for the fire brigade. Was a really strange setup which we didnt install (Murphys Installed it) but we were asked to sign the design off and commission it. Was delayed and over £10m over budget but the maintenance contract for this site is £30k per year lol

Was full of linear heat, flame detectors, atex rated devices, air sampling and gas detection, quite a site
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