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ADT MZX commissioning help
27.1 has a bug that wont operate ancillary sounders
PM'd you
So does the latest versions not need a dongle? You still need older versions for older panels though?
Whistle Admit to nothing, deny everythingWhistle
Don't need a dongle to open the Consys up. From experience though, if you try and open up a .PJD file without hte dongle it throws you out. There maybe sites where the files are open and don't need a dongle, but never came across any of these.
Yeah thought as much, I've got consys 4-12.7 but its old DOS i believe.
Whistle Admit to nothing, deny everythingWhistle
version 27 is really for the flex panels are you sure its not version 25.
if its been unlocked you will still need the software just go back to whoever fitted it they should have left the software on site .
Theres a option in consys are you sure its not a fire class.

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