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Engineer Audits, Help!!
(22-02-2018, 09:40 PM)Monkeh Wrote:
(22-02-2018, 09:28 PM)Buggy Wrote:
(22-02-2018, 08:33 PM)Monkeh Wrote:
(21-02-2018, 12:31 PM)bob1 Wrote: I check that their tools are calibrated, competency certification is in date, condition of car (tyres etc) no materials on the rear seat etc them watch them doing a service etc.
Like this guy. What a charlatan , hope I never have to get into his carc.. 

Monkeh, was this Davy F's car from back in the day?

I remember wiping my feet when I got out of it.
No that was, erm, someone else's (totally not mine) car today.

No sweaty trainers though or well worn table tennis tshirts so it doesn't smell of stale sweat, just the apple crumble juice I've, erm, he's been vaping.
I never trust an engineer with a clean car. They obviously spend too much time cleaning up and not enough fixing things and testing stuff!
I went from an estate car as an engineer on the books, to a Transit, when going self employed... Couldnt do without a big van now. Going back to a car I'd never fit everything in.
I wouldn't mind the new transit, but wouldn't get it in my garage.

Can be a pain in the a... with my astra. Needs organising.
Adi Bosworth
ADI Security Solutions
Fire and intruder detection
I need a workload first Adam.....
Ooooh do you need a freelance auditor to help with your workload Bill? ;D

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