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Cylinder type ??
Just on my way down south and a client has sent me a picture of a Co2 cylinder they need filling on a new spark eroder machine. Im not back until mid next week to see the site.

Does anyone know anything about this type of cylinder. Its a 20kg Co2 system, and its German.

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That's different! If it's the standard CO2 outlet thread it should be straightforward for a CO2 filling station to deal with.
Anthony Buck
Fire Safety Technical Lead @ BAFE SP205 accredited company
Extinguisher specialist
if its German it will be eitherbe rtotal walter or stbs both of which should be refillable . we have had timesace fill them for us in the passed send the pic to donna at timesace and ask the question. if your not local to midlands and want to know a local filling center gives a tinkle . sorry cannot help more but cannot make out the valve clearly
Another shot. Barber Bros might be able to help. Ill whisk it down to see if they can. They fill most stuff.

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good luck with barbers bros mate they have gone , believe paul was ill. looks like a total walther k 104 panel system . did it come of a cnc machine. if so just had a few filled for a big site
Have they shut down. Havent been there for over 8 months.
Its an engineering company so might well be a cnc. I installed 9 9kg Firetrace co2 systems there on their spark eroders.

If you have any details on the Timeace place.... cheers

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