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New personal record
(26-03-2018, 12:32 PM)Will Lloyd Wrote: Not me but sent to me 

And it always makes me smile when people talk about how many extension poles they need to fit a detector as the max height for a smoke detector is 10.5m 

[Image: xw7KhBW.jpg]
Can't believe you've actually seen a invisi-pole in action. I hear the invisible sections are weightless
Haha I saw that one on Facebook. The guy claims to have left the electrician changing a head and come back to that.

Said it was wedged around the detector and wasn’t budging
A 4 section telescopic pole is 4.5 mts, plus 1.1 mts per section. Total around 10mts. Well within the allowed 10.5 height limit.
Before i knew about the limit i had the full 4 pole and 8 extenders and a filter on the end to test beams. I only tried that once!

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