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Sita 200 plus Short Circuit
Also, I can be upto three devices back from where panel shows which device is playing silly beggars.

… past experience.
Adi Bosworth
ADI Security Solutions
Fire and intruder detection
Evening guys

Only got the go-ahead to go to this site this afternoon but was in the car without ladders so could only do a bit of messing at the panel.

The good news was the short circuit error was gone however it was replaced with "CIE interface open circuit output 5" - I did notice the fuse had blown on that output however nothing on the loop was working, the level 3 access code had been changed and the loop wouldnt initialise.

If I connect a laptop will I automatically get level 3 access or will it not let me in?

Anyone know?
normally you have to stop the loop and IIRC put it in the correct mode to download.
Adi Bosworth
ADI Security Solutions
Fire and intruder detection

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