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Environmental & health and safety courses available to book
(13-05-2018, 04:27 PM)alex88 Wrote: Ive done this course last week and kind of understand now where all this confusion comes from  and why  people feel like its all irrelevant.

As Will said, there is a syllabus whit say 50 topics and then FIA creates a training around these topics highlighting the most important  information and the guys writing the questions make them up based on these topics too. Now, do you guys realise that each topic is probably hundreds of pages of information or some regulations with many pages so FIA filters this down to few pages only but the guys who write questions they use all these 100 pages so thats why you reading these few pages feel like they are not relevant to the actual questions as they can't cover it all with great details as their book won't be 50 pages anymore but 500. And Will does a great job keep reminding us that all these questions come off of the syllabus and their training comes off it too so they dont feel like they are teaching you wrong stuff (go in greater detail yourself if you wanted to as you know what the syllabus is beforehand)  and thats why we all feel like the training is bad.
With the Foundation course I had the chance to read the book and it was only my fault i did't go through it the night before and had 75% only (75 was the pass rate at that time) but this course had same amount of new information and within first hour of the training I realised that I wont remember most of it anyway and it would be wild guessing and it was. So at least I booked my holiday flight tickets at that time (not joking).  On the test i felt exactly like I though I would - it felt like ive never heard most of these questions during the course and I was probably wrong but couldn't remember some BS numbers etc. I can bet you that if you get someone off of the street and tell him BS5839-1 covers fire alarms then you talk non  stop to him for next few hours tons of other numbers and regulations which is all new and at the end you ask him was it 5838-1 or 5839-1, he won't remember so i didnt remember the suppression systems BS number too. Then there was these questions like which agency would you notify in Belfast or Cardiff installation. a foreigner and don't necessarily know in which countries these cities are so won't know which agency to notify. The guys said yes but thats capitals you should know it like you know London...ok then, as most of these regulations come off of European standarts, how would you feel if next time they ask you something like - can company ABC install and certify suppression system in Kiev or Norway? Now you have to know where these are and wether in European union or not so you can answer correctly. Im sure there must be other ways to test your knowledge without testing my knowledge on capitals and countries.

As for the guys doing the training....we all agreed that he simply reads out everything what is in the book so i can't blame him and can't call this incompetence.

FIA is doing their best to get to know what the questions are so they can adjust their training around that but that takes time as they dont really know what they are.
Will, has this been corrected yet.
I was looking at now taking the FIA courses, hoping that the original issues had been ironed out?

But have still heard some negative reviews on the courses over the last couple of days.

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