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L3 and external rooms
question - would you install fire alarms and mcps in external rooms which are really small and common sense says do not need an alarm? The example I have is a small (3 feet by 3 feet) room with electrical and gas incoming services for a 3 storey building. Common sense says there should be afd in here due to the risk (to me) but there is very little risk to life (L systems), negligible need for sounders and mcps as you can barely even get in the cupboard! You could just about shut the door if you stand bolt upright but then you couldn't do anything more in there.

Theoretically you should have mcps and sounders in all of these areas but these cupboards are so small you're barely in the building. So it is not an escape route (L4) nor is it adjacent to an escape route (L3). Is this all pointing to just an mcp and sounder to comply with category M?
Detection to protect the electric cal side of it imho

advanced warning and communicated systems

any comments or views posted are mine and I'm keeping them.
If it's a small cupboard then, whilst we probably all agree it would be good to provide AFD to the electrical room if we are talking L3 then it's outside the spec - if you start adding extras then you are into L2 territory.

Call points are more likely (unless it really is a small cupboard you couldn't even stand in) certainly for the electrical room, there are arguments for a variation here.

I'm finding a lot of variation in interpretations in designs/quotes at the moment, I'm doing some reviews for one of the London Boroughs via their FM provider as they get three quotes/designs per job (they use the FRA required category when tendering & let the providers interpret it) and usually all three designs are slightly different, which can make it easier as usually one is excessive,one under providing and one just about right. I've seen some lovely interpretations of the use of VADs for example.
Anthony Buck
Fire Safety Technical Lead @ BAFE SP205 accredited company
Extinguisher specialist
It can still be L3, as it satisfies the L3 criteria.

The other issue is, does it require its own zone..!!
Why would it require its own zone? I thought it was just common sense to have external rooms such as boiler rooms on their own zone?

Another point of consideration is this room backs onto a corridor in the main building (no doors between them, just a brick wall) so does that mean it needs afd for L3? Or is that only when there is a door from a room onto a cofridof?
L3 requires detection in rooms that lead to escape routes. If there's no door then it doesn't lead to an escape route. I'd imagine another type of opening (vent for instance) could arguably mean it'd need a detector
(31-05-2018, 11:35 AM)Tilly Wrote: It can still be L3, as it satisfies the L3 criteria.

The other issue is, does it require its own zone..!!

as Tilly says it can still be L3 as it meets The objective of the system is to give a warning of fire at an early enough stage to enable all occupants, other than possibly those in the room of fire origin, to escape safely, before the escape routes are impassable owing to the presence of fire, smoke or toxic gases.

if it were me at the most put a MCP and even then, if its difficult i wouldn't bother as if nobody in the room and it catches fire big deal its external no risk to life if someone is in the room is small so i'll put money on they see it and escape.

now is it required to be on its own zone? depends on if its addressable or non addressable
addressable should be OK on another zone as the text should be clear. but its nice to be on its own zone if you have enough zones, its not really required be its own zone
Non addressable you run in to your 60m search distance so will probably end up on its own zone

Technical Manager FIA

All comments and views are mine own and may not reflect the views of FIA

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