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As opposed to stranded Adi.

Never had to resort to 2.5mm in any installs I've done. Designers tend to throw more loops in PLUS good luck terminating 2.5mm into certain field devices
I know mate, but the post was misleading to jack saying fp200 is single core. :)
Again, thanks for the help. I did try the cable on one of my bases, the panel, and a call point and it fits well, but I can see how it could be too big if the terminals were a bit smaller. Which devices would you say won't fit 2.5mm?

Also, I noticed the single core thing lol and just assumed it was meant to say solid, thanks for clarifying though. :)
2.5mm gets very fiddly in the call points once you're replacing one and it's twisted up a bit and too short to cut.

Morley Horizon conventional struggles with 1.5mm cable sometimes.

Ye olde Zetfas biscuit bases definitely struggled with anything bigger than 1.5mm.
XP95 base sounders are a nightmare, bending the cores pretty much 180 degrees to wire them into the isolator terminals.
Better watch out on my call points lol. Thanks for the heads up. Heard of the problems with XP95 base sounders. Thanks guys. :)

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