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morley dxc zone card annoying problem.
F.Y.I. I've just had 2 revisits (as directed by morley technical support) to replace a zone card and then a display card on a morley dxc. After speaking to the real technical support at morley (level 2) they found out the zone card was set to yes but the VDS zone card was also set to yes in the commission menu. This stopped the led's working.

Something to check if the zone cards don't work as morley technical support level 1 don't seem to know this.

Don't even ask about the panel defaulting to an external psu until you change it in commission mode. They must have copied protec!
Honeywell level 1 tech support is basically just reading the manual to you and dealing with basic things like:
What does missing device mean
Licensing software
How to upload and download panels

Waste of time really, they’d of been better having level 1 remain in the UK
*Hits call point*... "we are on test aren't we?"... Whoops 
Level 1 cant even authorise the LDT lol.
Whistle Admit to nothing, deny everythingWhistle
(29-06-2018, 11:30 PM)Kibeth Wrote: Level 1 cant even authorise the LDT lol.

No they can’t can they lol, they have to level 2 for that
*Hits call point*... "we are on test aren't we?"... Whoops 

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