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Door retainer disaster
Came across this little wonder today. Installed recently as an addition to an 8 month old new install in a 120 room hostel. The owner clearly has little regard for the resedents as he goes for the cheapest available providers. Spotted so many other non-compliances too: poor instal; only 2 of the 3 loops texted; definct MCPS still installed next to the new ones - just some examples but the list is huge.

It angers me that it’s highly unlikely that either the perpetrators of this shambles or the owner will find themselves called to question over both the total disregard to standards and general welfare of the people who live there. 

240v door retainers powered from light fittings, fed in 0.75mm flex & unprotected at floor level...


I’m just here for the fun of it  Happ
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That is Criminal
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Bloody hell!!!!
Peter Robinson

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The cabling looks like a site I was on today, especially with the massive holes for a couple of small cables.
Adi Bosworth
ADI Security Solutions
Fire and intruder detection
There are around 10 door sets all like this. Some powered from elights, others from standard fittings. One (plastic non-IP) retainer is floor mounted outside, alongside a drainage gulley from a gutter down pipe, cable bottom entry to the body and un-glanded.

I’m just here for the fun of it  Happ
01245 392014
looks similar to a Hotel I got beat one that had a C-Tec MFP that was using the wiring from a previous 3 - wire system - ancient detectors and some not even wired in - having prior knowledge of the system and the owner who was also a spark mucked about with it , then I went for full rewire with vads etc.

Went for a bar lunch recently and saw the panel replaced with a CFP and detectors in areas I highlighted as required , tapped off call points .
Remainder of old stuff left in - no vads in wc's etc , no sounders in Bedrooms
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The joys of an unregulated industry  Dodgy

I’m just here for the fun of it  Happ
01245 392014
Amazing the evils hidden by sticking a new panel on it.....

- shiny new conventional panel on mid 80's system, lots of original devices, originally weird and wonderful zoning
- Addressable front end on a system that was still the original 70's conventional, just connected in with a dozen zone monitors
- Addressable front end on a site that was 80% 240V 3 wire single zone
- Conventional panels with 240V 3 wire systems stuck in the panel in such a way that even if you knocked off the power to the panel the 240V 3 wire cabled would still be live.

People not in the know see the shiny panel and then assume the premises have a fully addressable system correctly installed and configured...
Anthony Buck
Fire Safety Technical Lead @ BAFE SP205 accredited company
Extinguisher specialist
Bet whoever installed this left plenty of spur marks in the skirting boards.
(12-07-2018, 08:58 PM)Dazzle Wrote: Bet whoever installed this left plenty of spur marks in the skirting boards.

come on, its his best job in yeehaws's...

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