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TATE fire alarm panel
Would anyone have a manual for a TATE conventional fire alarm control panel, it is marked: T-S5/90/T-S14/90.

Fourteen zones; zones 1 to 4 are on the right of the controls keyswitch and buttons, and 5 to 14 are above.

I assume that TATE didn't manufacture their own panels and this may be something else in disguise?

A manual would be greatly appreciated. What we are experiencing when undertaking a maintenance inspection is that the controls keyswitch has to be turned from the off position to on, then the buttons will work. If leaving the keyswitch 'on', the buttons don't work when returning to the panel after activating a device. This may be an oddity/quirk of the panel, and doesn't cause any issues provided we're aware it works like this.
Premier SX?
All posts are of my own opinion and knowledge and do not reflect the views of the Company I work for.
I'm also saying Premier SX. Does it have buttons 1-4 and then a button that says engineer?

.pdf   Premier(Tate) SX.pdf (Size: 1.08 MB / Downloads: 58)

Premier SX(Tate) manual
Peter Robinson

07889 038650

Thanks everyone, but no, definitely not Premier SX.

This is a much more basic and 'early' (metal) panel, white in colour with all red lettering and graphics.
When you described the fault, I thought of a honeywell zircon panel, as they do that sometimes, but the layout is different.

I also googled ESP mag shite panels, but I don't think it is that either.
ooof - nice :)
All posts are of my own opinion and knowledge and do not reflect the views of the Company I work for.

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