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Emergency Lights
In order to comply with BS5266-2016 annual test on a large site, can we carry out 3 hour test on six monthly basis by testing 50% of lights on visit 1 and remainder 50% on visit 2?
I assume that on monthly test the entire system doesn't have to be tested at the same time.  The system can be tested in sections, over a testing schedule, so long as each luminaire is tested each calendar month.
Can this apply also to annual test on six monthly basis as long as all lights get tested for full duration over the year?
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Common sense?
One annual test, three hour duration.
Each fitting needs a single 3 hour full rated duration tested each year but in theory if it helps maintain cover (so all are not flat at the same time) or convenience as long as it's carefully logged so none are missed or none are double tested it's feasible - after all if you fitted a site with self testing fittings (individual or a central system) they'd get their test at different times.
Anthony Buck
Fire Safety Technical Lead @ BAFE SP205 accredited company
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I have a very large site that gets split into 4 along with fire alarm - each test at 3 hours
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