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en54-23 vad - practical advice
So our designer has finally added en54-23 vad's in all toilets, 1 per toilet to a new design. This is great in the small toilets but leads to uncertainties in the larger toilets with cubicles/stalls. As the designer has just specified one vad for each large toilet I am placing it above the toilet stalls so it flashes down into them and the rest of the room as well. But there is a dog leg section  in the large toilets so if you are theoretically at the sinks (and had your eyes closed!) you may not see the flashing around the dog legs. What is everyone else doing in these situations? Just placing the vad the best in the best compromise you can? I guess you cannot rely on the mirrors above the wash basins to 'amplify' the flash as they be removed at some point?

p.s. designer very busy, doesn't answer phone and he admits I know more than he does so there's no point in asking him!

The stalls are open at the bottom and the top so light will go beneath and above them. There is 1 stall completely blocked off so I am asking for another vad just for this 1 stall. Theoretically if we had 4 stalls with no gaps would you put a vad in each stall and 1 vad in the main toilet? For that real disco effect?
It is necessary to ensure that anyone in relative isolation will be able to see if a VAD operates. This may mean that the use of VADs for closed toilet cubicles needs to be considered. For instance, if occupants are likely to be in relative isolation for a prolonged period of time. However, semi-open cubicles may receive sufficient light from one or more VADs located in the common area

So I would not put a VAD in every cubicle if they open at top and bottom as light will leak in
I would also not put them totally enclosed cubicles as its will be too bright unless you can get a VAd that only covers the area of the cubicle e.g. 1 m2 and the occupants will not be in relative isolation for a prolonged period of time.
que the what about people reading on the bog response. and my answer to that is they should not do it. plus if you do put one in the person is not likely to instantly react and get out i'm putting money on them finishing what they are doing then moving

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I wouldn't consider the area at the sink to be a priority. No one is likely to be spending a considerable time at it. It's the same reason small circulation spaces like stairwells etc only need to be 60dB
If you have a VAD in the sink area then that will be more than sufficient, as Monkeh said, you are not going to be spending any sort of time in that area
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Sink area - Women can take hours taking selfies
All posts are of my own opinion and knowledge and do not reflect the views of the Company I work for.
(29-10-2018, 02:23 PM)Graeme Wrote: Sink area - Women can take hours taking selfies

I mean, that pout had to be just right

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