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Gent Vigi - Disablement Functions
Just after a bit of advice!

I'm currently covering call out for a mate, he looks after a stadium that has a Gent Vigi consisting of 3 panels. The stadium events manager called me this afternoon and asked if I could attend tomorrow night to disable some zones on the system as they will be using smoke machines. I'm rusty with Gent, not worked on it for quite some time.

If I remember correctly, will I need to disable the zones on each panel? I seem to remember disablements are only local, not issued over the network.

Also, does anyone know the menu sequence for accessing zone disablements? I don't want to turn up tomorrow looking like an idiot if I can help it!  Biggrin
Nothing is foolproof to a sufficiently talented fool...   24

Control disable zone

Disablements can go cross network but only if an input on one panel is programmed to disable something on another panel. 
If you're disabling zones you'll need to do it on each panel.
Cheers Monkeh!
Nothing is foolproof to a sufficiently talented fool...   24

(26-10-2018, 06:21 PM)Dan Wrote: Cheers Monkeh!

Back to this...

Iv been given some information from a gent engineer on how to put these Vigi's in one man test, just in case I ever need to service one of these in the future! Iv typed up a document for 2 scenarios

* to carry out a one man test with all outputs, panel buzzer and sounders isolated
* to carry out a one man test with sounders and outputs enabled. 

.pdf   Gent Isolation.pdf (Size: 136.74 KB / Downloads: 266)

Does the info I have typed up look correct? 
Anything I should change or add to it?

I will put a final copy up on this thread in case anyone as sh**t as me with Gent finds this document useful  Biggrin
Nothing is foolproof to a sufficiently talented fool...   24

the only things I'd say are:

you can disable comms at card x (6 for me) instead of disabling at every panel in a network and then just test the panel you're working on (obviously be careful not to stray!)

and some panels use 'commission' instead of walk test as a term. they mean the same thing.
Downloaded it , nice one Dan.

Never worked on Gent Vigi but may come in handy one day.
On a vigilon panel if its in test mode, it doesn't issue signals over the network they are always local, and as alonso said you only need to disable comms on the panel you are working on.
There shouldn't be any real need to disable command builds as these shouldn't be priority fire events.

most important thing to be aware of is even with all outputs isolated if you press sound alarms the alarms will go off!

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