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external building - radio or catenary

a debate - large building with a new fire alarm being installed (morley zx with apollo xp95), existing underground cables to hv/lv building can not be accessed an replaced (nor existing cables used) this is a long story but union/health and safety etc/don't ask!

options are:

1 - catenary wire for loop devices overhead to this building.

2 - separate panel for this hv/lv building with a radio link (needs to be fully compliant so scope?) to and from main building system.

3 - all radio in the hv/lv building with an apollo loop diversity module on the main building (outside?) picking up apollo radio wireless devices in the hv/lv building

hv/lv building will consist of 3 mcps,, 3 smokes, 2 sounderbeacons. further complication is both buildings are all metal girders and aluminium cladding and this is obviously a hv/lv building so I worry about radio signals and intereference...

has anyone got any experience on the best way to go? In terms of cost? ongoing maintenance? future problems?

thanks for any replies.
You could do a survey before getting egg on your face with xpander. Survey kits are readily available, we have 2 that we lend out to our customers.
Martin Wison
KGM Fire and Security Distribution Ltd.
Rochester, Kent.
01634 716882
Personally would go Apollo expander but you should always do a survey before fitting any type of radio kit
As Mr C says Apollo Xpander I have done this a few times because of no access to the LV/HV Switchroom make sure you do a survey
I have installed this way with Morley and Advance panels no problems at all
Peter Robinson

07889 038650

I’d personally get a cable put in if possible. Love Xpander, but prefer wired
Im also old school, and like something copper to test, if its faulty. Wired all the way.
(11-12-2018, 11:42 PM)Tilly Wrote: Im also old school, and like something copper to test, if its faulty. Wired all the way.

Agreed wired is always best.... but when needs must a properly designed and installed radio system is just as good, more expensive in long run due to batteries but sometimes its the only way.
Remember if the transformers are not heavily loaded at the time of survey the EMF interference will differ.

I do HV all the time and have never seen a radio system in any and we have over 4200 substations.
We did some wireless in metal containers recently. Needed the expander 6m away. By the time we had good signal levels. We may aswell have put wired gear in

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