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Sprinkler Alarm going off.

We have a town mains fed sprinkler system in a factory.
The problem we have is with the mains pressure fluctuating (usually in the middle of the night) and setting the alarm off.
The sensor has been replaced. The company that deals with the sprinklers have suggested that we have a pump between the mains and the sprinkler side of the valve to equalize pressure. Currently there are no pumps on the system.
Does this sound correct, is there a cheaper option?
How do other companies deal with the mains fluctuations.
fit a delay timer
Any views expressed are that of my own not my company!Exclamation
Delay timer is my first option also as said above. A jockey pump will be more expensive.
Does the paddle flow switch have a delay on it ? It should have... How is it interfaced onto the alarm system ? As said, I'd be looking at a delay between operation, and activation.
30 seconds seems to be an accepted norm.
If you use an Apollo switch monitor and add a delay on the monitor that should sort it out but had areas were the tower mains pressure fluctuation was to much, and the water board surprisingly did not seem to bothered.
If potter flow switch that can be altered on the unit to alllow a bit longer , but cover your arse get the paper work from customer to authorise the delay.

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