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ems and advanced Advel Tech Support
For the record advanced technical support can I request that EMS use advanced panels rather than just kentec? Just so you know the requests are coming from engineers not just ems. If any other engineers agree please reply to this post. advanced apparently think these requests are coming from ems and don't see the demand from advanced customers.
I have been asking EMS for this for a while.

Advanced Team - I would 100% chose you over Kentec for addressable - Its the only time I use Kentec for addressable when its Radio and we are installing a few of them at the moment.
All posts are of my own opinion and knowledge and do not reflect the views of the Company I work for.
Advanced team- I would also prefer to use advanced panels with ems instead of Kentec.
I'm not the messiah,i'm a very naughty boy!!!
Same here!!
I’ve done a few sites with Advanced & EMS

I think the Insurance accessor ran it by Advanced and was given Green light
Without doubt Advanced.just don’t trust Kentec any more. I have a historical site all EMS and four Kentec panels, I am dreading the day one falls over as I guess I would have no choice but fit a craptis panel and i wont fancy that.
Same here
Fireclass ADT Specialists
[email protected]
Me too.
Me too.
Peter Robinson

07889 038650

Me too.

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