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Why are Hochiki detectors ivory?
Why are Hochiki detectors ivory in colour and white is a special option, when Apollo are white and most ceilings are white?

Is it because white ceilings go off white over time?
Ivory look better?
when nicotine was everywhere.
i think they actually come in white or ivory now.
Jeremy Brookes
SAS Limited
07956 181351
We supply more white than ivory these days, in fact I cannot remember the last time we supplied a project with ivory, they seem to only go out for replacements or additions to existing sites.
It's a pain in the backside for us as we have to keep two products on the shelf instead of one, the sooner they make the ivory a legacy product the better for us.
Martin Wison
KGM Fire and Security Distribution Ltd.
Rochester, Kent.
01634 716882
yeah its about time they did away with the ivory ones, just think of all those poor elephants.

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