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Tyco MX - Detectors Failing Self Test?
I've got a Tyco MX panel that has thrown a total wobbly, and has detectors failing their self-test and putting the panel into fire. When I do a hard reset on the panel, the faulty detector comes up as a fault, saying that it has failed its self-test.

If I put the detector head in the engineering tool and run the self-test, they pass every time. Some of them are a little dirty, but it's not coming up as a high-level fault like I'd usually see.

I think the panel might have issues (they have ordered a new one), but does anyone know more about the self-test or why this might happen?
Good examples of bad electrical work:
What version on consuls is it running and what devices 801 or 830
Never had a detector with a self-test fail before.

What's the exact text of the fault and is there a pseudo address along side the fault? Something like P**?
Depending on consys version there is a possible simple solution

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