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Do Sprinklers Count as Heat Detectors?
I have come across a large 18 storey office block in a city centre location that provides staff parking in a sprinklered basement car park

The fire alarm certification states the building is fitted with a Cat L1 fire detection system, whereas I wish to record the system as L2 as there is no fire detection in the car park or a small part of a covered loading bay.

To be honest, it makes no difference risk wise as a L3 would do, but the FM Manager claims the bulbs in the sprinkler heads have been accepted as heat detection, so the L1 designation stays. (naturally the sprinkler system is interfaced with the AFD system)

He is a customer and I don't give a monkeys as I won't waste any time on this dispute and will record it as 'believed to be Cat L1' on the fire risk assessment before moving on to concentrate on some bigger stuff  that I noted.

I am pretty sure he is wrong, but I am not 100% - plus he was so insistent, so I feel the urge to check it with you guys

So when determining the category (coverage) of a AFD systems, can you count the sprinkler heads as heat detection???
Pretty sure a pre-action systems bulbs could be classed as heat detection.
Technically on a L1 you can’t as you can’t use heat detectors as a method of protecting the occupants of a room
If it was L2 or L3 yes as long as it’s not a high risk room as we don’t care about the occupants of the room of fire origin

And if you do the new Foundation course which I recommend you learn the objectives of the categories 
As categories are short hand

Technical Manager FIA

All comments and views are mine own and may not reflect the views of FIA

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