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BS 5839-6 maintenance
So, for any system that's not a Grade A and is maintained by a competent person (e.g. a professional alarms company), there's more to testing than just pressing the test button. I assume that smoke and heat now need to be used, the same as Part 1 systems. Seems fair. But is maintenance retrospective so that the 2019 edition applies to systems that were installed to an earlier standard, the same as maintenance does for Part 1 systems?
Aico always told me not to use smoke when testing and to just press the button
Maintenance regimes are usually retrospective, but note that most non Grade A systems don't require maintenance by a competent person if you read the small print - it will be interesting to see how many unscrupulous firms omit this & con people into thinking it's mandatory in all cases.

" Other than in the case of sheltered housing scheme and dispersed telecare-enabled fire detection and fire alarm systems, this part of BS 5839 does not specifically recommend that Grade C, Grade D and Grade F systems are maintained by a competent person, unless identified in the manufacturer’s instructions. If these systems are serviced by a competent person, this should be carried out in accordance with Annex I."
Anthony Buck
Fire Safety Technical Lead @ BAFE SP205 accredited company
Extinguisher specialist
Appreciate that non Grade A systems don't require maintenance by a competent person, but the fire & rescue service have issued a report requiring that the system is maintained by an alarms company. So therefore for this site and any others we take on we are obliged to maintain in accordance with table 3 plus the additional competent person requirements?
(04-07-2019, 07:07 PM)Shaunyboy1905 Wrote: Aico always told me not to use smoke when testing and to just press the button

That's what I was led to believe. Disagrees with the BS although there is a paragraph at the start of the clause saying test in accordance with manufacturers recommendations
I have two non A grades. They are sheltered houses for mentally handicapped single occupancy service users. The charity paying for the homes required a test by a competent organisation.
The maintenance clause in part 6 has been updated with lots more info
You don’t have to have non grade A systems maintained by a competent person but if you want have a competent person maintain the system table 3 and Annex I provide the details of what you do and how often
Plus there is now a new service certificate so you and issue it and provide the owner of the system documentation that is been serviced
I had a lot to do with the maintenance clause and I designed the service certificate
Well worth a read

Technical Manager FIA

All comments and views are mine own and may not reflect the views of FIA
So to sum up, pre-2019 installed Part 6 systems should be maintained to the 2019 edition, and if being maintained by a competent person (contracted alarms company) we comply with Annex I?
Another grey area as you can now get MCPs on a grade D system...
Are they therefore required to be tested weekly as per Grade A MCPs or can they be ignored?

"Independent BAFE Accredited Fire Protection Specialists"

- SP203-1; FDA Maintenance; 
- SP205-1; Life Safety Fire Risk Assessment
- Members of the Fire Industry Association (FIA)
- SafeContractor Approved

Sits back and gets the popcorn out...... lol

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