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Silver extinguisher
Even my wife is a nerd now! She mentioned to me the other day there was a silver extinguisher in a restaurant. I thought they were all meant to be red now?

Also it was a foam extinguisher in a 1st flr toilet corridor of a restaurant so i guess it was in the wrong place? Should have been in the kitchen?
Nope, you can have unpainted extinguishers and they are available in stainless steel, copper and gold/brass:

Foam has been used as a replacement for the traditional water extinguisher since the mid 1980's, the original concept being that a 5.5l foam had the same 13A rating extinguisher as a 9 litre water extinguisher allowing you to have a lighter, easier to handle extinguisher but only need the one (previously if you used 4.5 or 6 litre water for the weight advantage you needed twice as many as they only achieved 8A) that also had class B capability and unlike the water jet was safe around electrical equipment.

Old habits die hard and despite the environmental issues of foam, the long availability of electrically safe 13A rated 6l water sprays and the lack of a Class B risk in many premises, many extinguisher companies just chuck in 6 litre foams everywhere .

The kitchen should have a Wet Chemical or ABF foam, a normal foam extinguisher is useless.
Anthony Buck
Fire Safety Technical Lead @ BAFE SP205 accredited company
Extinguisher specialist
Have to agree with Anthony... too many firms seem to stick in 6ltr foams as new.... costs the client more in ongoing costs. Im reverting to water sprays when replacing for 5 year intervals now, and removing DP where its just not needed.

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