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JSB Firedex FX2200 test mode
We have, what I assume is, a Firedex FX2200 (the one with five yellow buttons, not four) where apparently in detector test mode the first three detectors tested are okay, the panel silences and resets after each one, so move onto the next. Then on the fourth detector whilst in test the panel goes into fault, gives up and the zones needs depowering and repowering.

I can't see anything looking at the manuals, only that the 2200 has a one-shot test mode (so I assumed it would come out of test after the first fire has been received) but then I have another Coopers manual for what appears to be the same panel, and whilst it states one man test mode it makes no mention of it being one shot.

I'd assume as our engineers come across these panels fairly regularly this one is sticking out as having something wrong with it, and the others we maintain we can merrily test more than three detectors and all is okay.

This is happening on two of the zones.

When it happens the voltage on the zone drops to around 2 volts, and when zone + or - is removed it comes back up to 24v again.

It's possible that the site does not have its original control panel so there could be a compatibility issue with the wiring/detection. It's not a dead-short callpoint as the devices being tested are automatic smoke or heat detectors. It's presumably not current draw in alarm on the zone from multiple detectors as the panel has silenced and reset before the next is tested - or is it - does the panel need longer between detector tests for the zone to 'recover'?
The Customer test is one shot but the Engineer walk test isn't.

The code is usually inside the front cover .
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Thanks, that explains the discrepancy in what I'm reading in the manuals. The maintenance engineer is probably aware of that on site.

No mention though in the manual that only a limited number of detectors can be tested though?
I might be wrong, but I seem to remember the Cooper versions work a bit differently, I think their boards are different but they use the same housing as JSB.
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