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Minerva Mx 4000 Help Required!
Hi All,

I hope you all are feeling well. I am writing to seek advice and help in troubleshooting of false fire alerts in Camp Residential Fire Alarm System (Tyco : Minerva -4000) located in gas field. 
Its Minerva 4000 system having following specs:
Loop A: 132 Devices
Loop B: 132 Devices
Loop C: 177 Devices
Loop D: 120 Devices.

Random false fire alerts appeared and cleared after 5 sec from different zones in evening on Loop D. It happens only in evening up to early morning (Timing 19:00 to 6:00) rest all time system work normally. 

Note: (Nothing from Loop A, B, C as all working properly for 24/7)

Event Log Details:
Different SDs from Loop D INPUT ON for 5 or 10 sec then INPUT OFF (19:00 to 6:00 only)
Sometimes Auto Function Test Failed for random Smoke detectors.
Fire Alerts coming from random smoke detectors from different zones. (Not specific Area but in Loop D)

Remedial Actions:
Following remedial action performed but still problem exists:
1- Replaced Loop D card with new one. 
2- Interchanged power supplies.
3- Replaced Interface card with new one.
4- Isolated individual JBs (1~8) and powered up rest all system to check faulty device.
5- Cleaned dirtiness of all devices Max threshold 25%.
6- Isolated complete Loop D from card and transfer its 30% load to Loop A. Assigned IPs from 133 onwards , configured and connected Loop D devices into Loop A. Result: False Fire alert started in Loop A at same timing from different A loop locations. 
7- Performed Megger test to check insulation all found Ok. 

Q: What do we mean by Input ON and Input OFF ?
Q: What is Force Day Mode?

Any suggestion would be highly appreciated

Contact Details:
Whats app: 
Did you check for earth faults for loop d? And stray voltages induced onto the loop cables?
(27-07-2019, 10:22 AM)alonso Wrote: Did you check for earth faults for loop d? And stray voltages induced onto the loop cables?

Yes Man, I did my best. 

1- I installed new armoured cable upto JB-02 to bypass previous main cable. I connected new cable at Loop D card on panel and powered up 10 devices 5+5 from JB-01/02. Still false alarm persist only once at 00:30 midnight. I noticed as i increased load (more devices) alarms keep increasing!

2- Shifted last 10 devices of Loop D into Loop B. Disconnected from D and using extra cable connected to B. Configued and added their IPS in Loop B at Mx 4000 system. Now, they all 10 working normal on Loop B.
(27-07-2019, 07:55 AM)AP_Mx Wrote: Q: What do we mean by Input ON and Input OFF ?
Means that the sensor input is active or inactive.
MX loop devices transmit actual input status to the panel, NON latching operation.

Q: What is Force Day Mode?
You can set different criteria for devices for operation during day time or night time. Like alarm delays, sensitivity etc.
With this function you can force to operate in day mode settings.
Is the system switching to night mode at those times? Do you have the .PJD consys file? 

What type of inputs are being activated?

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