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Facebook fire alarm engineers group
Is it me? Or am I right in thinking the fire alarm engineers Facebook group is full of bloody numb skulls!!
Nothing is foolproof to a sufficiently talented fool...   24

(15-08-2019, 11:15 PM)Dan Wrote: Is it me? Or am I right in thinking the fire alarm engineers Facebook group is full of bloody numb skulls!!

I think that's just a Facebook thing.

You can probably tell, I don't do facebook  Biggrin
Martin Wison
KGM Fire and Security Distribution Ltd.
Rochester, Kent.
01634 716882
I know right!! It’s so funny to read though, amazing how some of them even know how to breathe
*Hits call point*... "we are on test aren't we?"... Whoops 
There are some classics on there, my favourite this week was a MX5 in fault. It says 3 faults, how do I find out what they are
I can’t believe how so many people think they know everything about everything and most of the time they are wrong
Fireclass ADT Specialists
[email protected]
When you try and help them it becomes a pain sometimes
Peter Robinson

07889 038650

Part of my job is to do technical calls
Yes you can ring the FIA and ask a technical question and myself or one of the other Two Technical Managers will help you out Neil does FD&A and Rob is our portables and extinguishing expert

And I think they both agree there are NO STUPID QUESTIONS

But there are a lot of inquisitive idiots

Technical Manager FIA

All comments and views are mine own and may not reflect the views of FIA
My favourite is open circuit faults on advanced panels when they keep asking what address 7 is. Just scroll over! It will tell you what the fault is ffs
*Hits call point*... "we are on test aren't we?"... Whoops 
I've disabled any messages from that group, I'll help where I can. Its mainly the constant barrage of god damn "how do you default a g2-20" or "whats the best wireless intruder alarm"
I'd say 15% of people on their talk some sense, the rest is trailer trash.
Whistle Admit to nothing, deny everythingWhistle
People are always asking for engineer codes -

and there is always some hero willing to give it out..... very dangerous

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