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Best wireless fire alarm equipment
Hi all , in your opinion what have you found to be the best wireless fire alarm equipment , have a castle to spec for and we are thinking of apollo xpander equipment with loop powered Interfaces with an advanced mxpro5 panel . Fitted this before in a cathedral with no problems, it was only a small number of devices around 20. The castle will have probably 200 devices all wireless.  Existing EMS system fitted is now obsolete and giving trouble. Any suggestions on fully wireless as it could be difficult running loop cable as it's a listed building and they wont want cable showing .thanks
Used the Apollo before and seemed really good, been in for over a year with no issues.
Other one used is the EDA Zerio, but seemed more problamatic
E point If you want complete wireless it’s got to be EMS.  Xpander in my opinion are great for those small or hard to reach areas, but a site with 200 devices I would be dubious.  In the last year I’ve installed a few of each. Only week link with EMS is Kentec ?
Expander is not a full wireless system. It is only designed as an add on and if you have too many expanders on a system you have to go very careful assigning channel frequency’s.

On a system that big you have one choice really EMS the only downside to the system is the panel being a kentec, however I think the EMS version is better than the standard kentec shite. 

However the system itself is solid if designed, installed and maintained properly, they did have issues in the early years but they are all ironed out now I have a site with 4 panels 32 rcc’s and over 200 devices all radio including the network and dont get any major issues. BUT you have to design it right, survey it right (EMS will do it for you) and you will have to change ALL of the batteries every 5 years.

EDA I think in theory will do something that big but wouldn’t recommend it. The zerio plus is ok for small jobs but forget it on bigger jobs..... biggest downside in my eyes is no software so all programming via front panel
Also I think EMS do an interface of some kind so you can run the old 5000 devices alongside the new fire cell so you can upgrade gradually
We use EMS with advanced panels all the time
Been told that EMS now fully works with the MX Pro 5 and will be announced soon.

That many devices would always go EMS. It's the most stable kit out there, and even when you do get an issue, you can fix most things from the Hub.
Does anyone still do bare copper MI jobs in listed buildings?
I used to do churchs with bare MI, when the copper goes dark brown it helps disguise it on stonework. I don't suppose many new panels like capacitive MI now?
Only downside to wireless in old High buildings is access to change batteries on wireless.
National Trust use many asperating systems in listed buildings but if you can't wire it..
Bugger, I did isolate the dialer...didn't I?
We use the Hyfire kit a lot and don’t get issues with it. Like with anything, if you know what you are doing then you won’t get issues.
*Hits call point*... "we are on test aren't we?"... Whoops 

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