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Fire Safety Strategy: Ensuring a Competent Alarm Maintenance Company
A customer of mine (I carry out FRAs and Training for them) has a large Head Office and about 10 regional offices

I am compiling a fire safety strategy for the client and have noticed an anomaly in the way fire alarm maintenance contracts are drawn up. Firstly they seem to allow regional FM managers to engage with local alarm maintenance companies which has led to several companies on the books. I am sure commercially, this approach is costing them more than one global contract. However its the assurance relating to competencies that concern me most.

There does not seem to be any guidance to FM managers as to how to ensure the competence of a maintenance supplier or individual engineers employed by that supplier. As The Fire Safety Order makes it a requirement to appoint only competent persons, I feel a little uneasy that the company are not applying benchmarked standards, i.e. insisting on accreditation or ISO standards etc.

Head office is a huge tower block with a system of 4000+ heads and a VAS controlled and somewhat complex phased evacuation system. Other offices are smaller but essential to the operation of the firm. I will be recommending a single contract for all premises and one dealt with by the in house procurement team and not individual FM managers. I want to provide additional guidance re competence.

So in your opinion, what accreditation standards should I recommend for:
1) The fire alarm maintenance organisation/company 
2) The individual engineers who will be embedded in the Head Office 7 days a week or visiting regional offices regularly.

Firms can have all kinds of accreditations, on paper they are the best, most competent,. However they are only as good as the engineer they send on the day. Which for bigger firms is usually worse than a smaller firm with no accreditations.
Totally agree with Royce44's awnser. Iv seen big fire and security firms with every accreditation going stickered on their vans, but their engineers level of competence can be shocking. Small firms tend to take pride in what they do.
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