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Do all call points have to be the same?
Hi all

Just wanted some opinions on this

From the standards

20.2a recommendations states

The method of operation of all MCPs in a system should be that of type A as specified in BS EN54-11.
All call points should be identical unless there is a special reason for differentiation.

note2 states that fitting of a protective cover is not deemed to conflict with 20.2a

So how would you take this meaning?

That all callpoints have to be identical in the operation method or that they all have to be identical in complete form and operation so cant have 2 brands mixed?

That wording has gone back years you when you could still get call points you had to use a small hammer to operate.

Today they all use the same method of operation - push it with your thumb .

It's desirable to have them all identical for testing and resetting.

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