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Ctec conventional sounder issue
Got a site which the sounders intermittently sound for a few seconds (think class change) no panel faults or fires reported 
We've already changed the panel about a year ago and was ok until now! Changed the sounders this week - was ok again for a couple of days but started again this morning.

Tech have no idea - anyone had anything like this before ? Cabling is all existing and done years ago by others so could be picking up induced ac from somewhere I'm guessing
That's what I have experienced in the past from induced voltages from other services, especially if the zone is sharing the same routes as other services. There are a few options, re-run the wiring (which isn't always possible) or I have suggested to a couple of guys to fit Ferrites at the beginning of the affected circuits. Don't know if that worked because they never came back to me.
Wozza Apollo Tech
I had this once and It took me ages but I eventually found it to be a cable fault.

It was an FP200 4-core that didn't have a big enough check in the joist and when someone walked over it , the sounders went.

The thing that took so long was finding a pattern and I found it was when the rather large Lady went on a break - No one else was heavy enough to flatten the cable - lol
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It's ok Monkeh, it's ok. you want a shoulder to cry on?
Have you checked the current being drawn from all sounder circuits? I know CFPs only have one sounder output source and its quite limited in terms of how much current it can handle.
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Had this exact issue, sounder pulsing weirdly. When I removed just the grey core on an swa cable feeding the class change it stopped. Replaced the cable and no issues since
(25-10-2019, 09:22 PM)Buggy Wrote: It's ok Monkeh, it's ok. you want a shoulder to cry on?

Just had a sausage and bacon bap so I'm fine now .

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