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BS7273-6 2019
Just received a notification via the NSI regarding the above standard. This part concerns interfacing between FD&A systems and ancillary systems & equipment such as Lifts, gas valves, fire shutters etc. among others. 

Although a code or practice, the NSI require compliance with the standard as a mandatory requirement for NSI accredited companies on the Fire Gold or Silver Schemes. 

Without going into the deep detail of the standard, i thought it was worth noting that under testing, inspection & maintenance, such systems, where connected to the FD&A system, are required to be tested for operation at least monthly by the user (weekly in the case of certain smoke management systems) and serviced at a minimum of six monthly intervals. 

This requirement goes above that which is required by BS5839-1 for periodic inspections which has no formal requirement to test all ancillary systems. Even the Major inspection only states that all alarm devices should be checked for correct operation.

"Independent BAFE Accredited Fire Protection Specialists"

- SP203-1; FDA Maintenance; 
- SP205-1; Life Safety Fire Risk Assessment
- Members of the Fire Industry Association (FIA)
- SafeContractor Approved

Interesting that is I wonder what Will would reply to that
Peter Robinson

07889 038650

BS 7273-6 came out after BS 5839-1:2017 so they are not yet totally in step

BS 5839-1 45.3 o) All further checks and tests recommended by the manufacturer of the CIE and other components
of the system should be carried out.

well that sort of does not really cover the ASE unless you talk really fast

but BS 7273-6 has weekly or monthly testing of the interface by the user so they need to check if the smoke vents open the shutters drop etc

there is nothing in the servicing bit that says that the interfaces need testing at every six month service.

its the users who needs to check weekly or monthly that the interfaces work so no just disabling all outputs on a weekly test

Technical Manager FIA

All comments and views are mine own and may not reflect the views of FIA

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