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Transient missing device
Morning folks, I have a notifier id3000 reporting transient missing faults.
When checking the devices the system reports values to each of the devices reported.
I have checked the area and there seems to be no ingress of water but it is a site that regularly hoses down the area to clean it. Any devices in those areas are dry and free from rust, etc.
Have it down to one area when connected starts producing these faults and tx hard faults also.
Any idea what it may be.
Thanks in advance.
Most likely the issue you mentioned, try putting that zone in test. You may get the affected devices come up in fault, showing loop software error. Either that or it'll be opal protocol being crap as usual.
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Cheers kilbeth. Starting to add devices 1 at a time. If it reports transient it is linked out until the loop sits clear.
Is this the engineers only section we are giving advice in ?
I haven't seen anyone new in the engineer's section for a long time now, I'm not surprised more technical questions are being asked here. The OP also at least seemed to know what he was doing by and large.

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