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Advanced 360 account restricted?
Morning Guys

Anyone had any problems with the 360 website recently? I don't use it often but I wanted to download the latest version of the tools. I purchased the download lead, the MX Logo programmer and tools probably about 7-8 years ago. When iv tried to download the latest version of the tools last night the website said my account was restricted and that I would need to contact advanced. I emailed them last night and this is the response I received this morning. 

"Thank you for your enquiry.

The software download section of our website is for customers who have previously purchased and registered a copy of the software. Since your company does not purchase directly from us or has previously registered a version of the software, I'm afraid I shall have to refer you to your distributor from where you purchase your equipment in order to obtain a copy."

I doubt ADI will have the history now and neither will I as I was originally a sole trader back then now, a couple years later I went Limited and my old ADI account was closed down and a new one was opened for the new Limited company. 

Anyone have any suggestions what I could do? 

Nothing is foolproof to a sufficiently talented fool...   24

Hi Dan,

Apologies, you appear to have received this reply in error, your Advanced 360 account now has download permissions.

Iv just received the email confirmation, thank you for sorting that out.

Nothing is foolproof to a sufficiently talented fool...   24

Just noticed my account has been downgraded to basic from premium too? I downloaded stuff not that long ago when I got a new laptop.

Edit :
Never mind, I applied to upgrade to premium , saved the same details and my account was upgraded again. Gremlins maybe? 
I still don't have access to the logo tool and service tool but that's always been the case as I got the service tool years ago and don't have the details anymore.
Im the same, my logo tool file isnt working. Copied from many broken laptops down the line...

Whats the price to buy the tool at the moment.

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