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Hi Resistance on loop
Hi all , having a problem with an advanced mx 4000 panel, 10 nodes on system with 4 loops on each panel. Have been servicing system for 6 months now (did not install it) no major issues to this point. This week 1 loop is showing a high resistance fault , I know this can be switched off in the mxpro5 en settings, but dont think you can on the 4000 series. Any ideas where to start with this issue, system is in really good order and well installed , approx 70 devices on this loop that causing fault. Thanks
I normally start with open area sounders prone to moisture ingress, then move to sounder bases that have the earths connected on top of sounder as opposed to behing in the besa box

advanced warning and communicated systems

any comments or views posted are mine and I'm keeping them.
Break the loop down split it half way and see which side the fault is on as there is only 70 devices should be easy to locate
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Fastest way to rectify this fault is splitting loop in half,then faulty part again in half...At the end when you get some part of couple devices check them all. Maybe someone has damaged cable,or you will find some of the faults that guys pointed before.
Iv had this issue recently, but the cause might not be the same as yours..

On mine it was crappy old Power sonic batteries causing the Loop 1 High Resistance fault to pop up. The loops were fine, I noticed the batteries were slightly warm so I assume they were putting the PSU under load. I noticed a difference in the loop output voltage by 0.8v+ after replacing them, the fault never came back.
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