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Fire alarm maintenance and sprinklers
Addressable fire alarm with a sprinkler system connected as in input (probably an I/O module on the loop) to activate into fire in a building of residential apartments, sprinkler heads are installed within the apartments.

The fire alarm system is maintained twice per annum and the sprinklers (another company) is annual. I am assuming that the sprinklers need to be activated every six months to test the input into the fire alarm system, but the sprinklers are only serviced annually so there is one visit where the fire alarm isn't going to be tested from the sprinkler system.

The reason I am assuming the sprinkler connection must be tested six monthly is BS 5839-1 that states in the maintenance section that one detector or MCP (a sprinkler head can be regarded as an automatic fire detector) should be tested on each circuit.

On a conventional panel this is simple to understand; the circuit is the detection zone and therefore one trigger device must be tested on each zone every six months. But on an addressable fire alarm with one (or more) loops, is the circuit the same as a zone (i.e. between zone isolators)? If not, then a loop of sixteen zones would only have to have one device tested on the minor visit (then the rest in six months time so that all were tested over a twelve month period).

So... in a nutshell, do the sprinklers have to be tested every six months during the fire alarm preventative maintenance inspection?
Circuit = loop.

The 6 month test is to ensure the system hasn't had a major malfunction and can still respond to an input on each physical circuit, process the signal, and operate outputs

I'd say one input per year from the sprinkler system to the fire alarm meets the regs, though most sites I know with a sprinkler system carry out their own monthly checks on the flow , which usually triggers the fire alarm anyway.

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