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Chubb panels, late 1980s
What panels would Chubb have been fitting in the late 1980s? Around four zones
Chubb ZoneMaster? I believe Kentec manufactured them.
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I'm trying to work out, only because it's annoying me, what panel could have been fitted before having been replaced a few years ago. From marks on the wall it either had a small separate PSU, less than a foot wide, or the panel itself was this small
Chubb also used to use Protector Alarms panels.

They're extinct no , but you used to see a lot of their suppression panels about. Beige sort of colour with yep Tok keys on the front one to enable controls, one to set the mode. The standard conventional panels maybe only had one , I can't remember now. 

They had a savwire version with no way to disable sounders except by switching the zone to conventional, which could be done via either a jumper or a switch for each zone (can't remember which now) 

Door opened with a Morley /Advanced key. 

They definitely had one that was pretty small less than a foot wide. 
Strangely, their smaller panels tended to be taller and the bigger ones tended to be wider.

Edit found a picture.

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Protector, Kentec, and Zettler. Zonemaster panels. Also, the old Black panels, M10 range, and TWM. They were conventional and extinguishing panels.
For addressable, early Morley, Hochiki panels, Kidde...  

Chubb Extinguishers from the 80's 


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