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earth fault only occurs whilst testing devices?
interesting one which we fixed by changing an s90 apollo smoke for an xp95 apollo smoke in the end but i am at a loss to explain it:

advanced 1 loop panel using apollo xp95 devices. earth fault only occurs when testing devices (any devices). earth fault always cleared when panel was reset after testing and never occurred in normal use. earth fault hovering at 1.7 v (normal, just about) and dropping to 0.4v when any device tested. nothing to do with sounders as they are conventional via a sounder card and earth fault occurred even when sounders were disabled.

any ideas as to an explanation?
Could you break remove the conventional sonders are re test?
Then have the loop as a radial and keep breaking down until you find it?
Has the system got remote indicators fitted
No remote led’s.

We did fix it by changing a device. Nothing to do with sounders as they were all disabled and we traced it to a smoke detector.

I’m trying to understand why it happened when a device was tested. Maybe led current draw on the devices themselves?
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I have had this and it turned out to a couple of faulty Apollo heads changed the heads fault clrar
Peter Robinson

07889 038650

Laptop plugged in? Had this with a Syncro but never advance.
Weird one have you spoken to Advanced or sometimes now I find its better to raise a technical query on Advanced 360 especially if you want an answer in writing.

Have had it before where one device caused an earth fault but never this
I do remember many moons ago I saw a Morley smoke causing an earth fault. I could never understand it as the screen terminal isn't physically connected to the detector, but it was a permanent earth fault and it cleared as soon as that head was changed. Weird and wonderful.
No laptop plugged in no.

I haven't asked advanced either.

I reckon it's either magic or ghosts.

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