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Aritech UTC fire panel issues
Hi all, I am currently installing around 40 UTC aritech 2x panels and aritech devices in separate buildings, I am having serious trouble activating the series 2000 heat detectors on site , using the testifire heat tester for over 5mins at high heat and still no activation on heat sensors,  tried a small flame torch at a distance and still the head was probably close to melting before it finally activated. These are supposed to be rate of rise detectors, UTC were no real help figuring this out, tried different heads in case of faulty devices but no change. Anyone familiar with this problem .Thanks
Configuration settings ?
All posts are of my own opinion and knowledge and do not reflect the views of the Company I work for.
(23-04-2020, 09:34 AM)Graeme Wrote: Configuration settings ?

Hi Graeme , had them set for most sensitive on config in panel
looks like you have to line up the stream of hot air from testifire across both termistors to activate heat detector successfully
Used to bother with EMS 5000 heats and had to tilt the tester to get them to go off
All posts are of my own opinion and knowledge and do not reflect the views of the Company I work for.

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