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Help identifying an I/O board
Anyone fancy a game of "what are these?" 

Recently picked up a site that has a large quantity of these boards networked together.
From the brief info i have so far the site use to have an old Zettler panel which was upgraded to a notifier (possibly ID1000) which has since been upgraded to Kentec syncro's.

I am not sure if these boards are old zettler or notifier units or some kind of BMS system, there is an untold amount of inputs and outputs connected to it across the site, mainly picking up on door contacts, fire vent controls, sprinklers and such.

The boards are connected on an RS232 network called"ESANET". Any help would be greatly appreciated. ta!

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Fire and Security.
the other board

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Fire and Security.
Looks like the old Zetaplex system
Peter Robinson

07889 038650

It’s not Zetaplex but the stickers look like Zettler stickers - don't recognise the initials though.

Is there a ‘head end’ Steve?
...on closer inspection it’s definitely not Zettler.

Esanet is a new one on me.

Essernet, however, is a Honeywell brand used on the continent which uses WinMag as a head end - it’s what WinMag was developed for.
sadly there is no head end as such, which is what's driving me nuts... there is one or two old panels that are just rows of LEDs to show fire doors being open and such, however they are just a standard adaptable metal box with one of the same cards located inside.

I don't think it is essernet as its badged up as ESA-net.
last two pictures i have to hand until i back on site monday.

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Fire and Security.
Could quite possibly have been made by ESA Electronics, they seem to build bespoke control gear to client requirements. Their equipment communicates over RS485 and reports back to a PC running host software. Google them and have a browse through their website. May give you some clues.
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