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Powder extinguishers in small spaces
One for the extinguisher lads.

Student style digs with small kitchens have fire blankets and a small powder extinguisher, now not all buildings have the extinguisher in, but all have a blanket, although 90% are in the wrong location.

Now I have said, along with all the info I can find, that the general consensus is to remove the extinguishers due to confined spaces and ending up with poor visibility, inhaling, untrained persons ect… and they shouldn't be used on cooking oil type fires.

Am I correct in stating this?

Yes mate... change for a Foam..... Im changing out DP for Foam on all of my jobs, following a DP discharge incident that caused so much mess it took a day to clean out. DP should only be recommended in commercial environments where its necessary

A DP discharge in a food environment will require a deep clean.
I meant to add that, the mess it makes.

So, all communal area cans were removed sometime ago, brigade saying untrained person should not be putting themselves at risk, extinguishers can be placed in plant rooms for trade use - so I am taking that, that no extinguishers should go in a student flat kitchen?

Cheers Tilly.
The total removal of all extinguishers in my mind is wrong! A small fire that could easily be controlled with half a can of foam is left to develop into a major incident with multiple appliances involved and £millions of damage. It just seems so wrong.
Martin Wison
KGM Fire and Security Distribution Ltd.
Maidstone, Kent.
01634 716882
I think it`s crazy, as you say Martin could prevent a much worse scenario.
I'm not the messiah,i'm a very naughty boy!!!
Yes with relation to the powder change. As for extinguishers in residential accommodation the general move is to blankets in kitchens and that's your lot for HMO's and similar for other types of housing.
Anthony Buck
Fire Safety Technical Lead @ BAFE SP205 accredited company
Extinguisher specialist
I agree with communal extinguishers being removed, I'd rather they be in and the individual person chooses if they feel competent enough to use it.

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