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Fixed Extinguishing Systems - Cylinders
(18-08-2017, 06:05 PM)firemonkey Wrote: Shouldnt you have your f-gas before any work?

Only if its a fluorinated greenhouse gas.

As for third party maintenance. I use Cannon Fire. Been using them for over 16 years and never let me down. Ask for Mark.

As for qualifications, no, you dont need any formal qualifications to check a gas system. However, should the poo hit the fan, and your in the dock over a fire or death, I think you would wish you were qualified. Same as extinguishers, and pat testing. No legal requirement to have any certification.

If you fancy doing it yourself, the largest outlay is going to be your room integrity tester, then your liquid level tester.

Second hand from the US, about £1500.
Hjust remember that when you are certifications the cylinder there are quite a few laws/ regs reguarding pressurised systems. If things go Pear Shaped the fine and sentance are very heavy, think the prison sentence is unlimited in serious cases. So best get some one to take the fall.
Is the site in London noon near the fire station in cannon street
We use flame skill for our CO2 systems, any one who puts up with us as a safety pain in the ads must be good

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